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A revision of the Pteridopodinae (Acari: Parasitengonina: Chyzeriidae) with the description of a new genus from South Spain and key to the Pteridopodinae

Jaime Mayoral, W.C. Welbourn, Pablo Barranco


The subfamily Pteridopodinae (Chyzeriidae) is reviewed and an updated diagnosis is provided for the family and the subfamily. A new genus, Iberochyzeria gen. nov., is described from mites parasitizing Orthoptera (Acrididae) in southern Spain. In addition, a list of species and a diagnosis for the larvae and postlarval instars are provided for each genus of the subfamily, as well as comments about their taxonomic status. Napassenia Haitlinger, 1999 is synonymized with Parawenhoekia Paoli 1937. A key to the species of Pteridopodinae is presented.


Iberochyzeria fornielesi, Andalucía, mite, parasite, Orthoptera, review


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