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New records of phytoseiid mites of the subfamilies Typhlodrominae and Phytoseiinae (Acari: Phytoseiidae) from Spain, with description of a new species and re-description of four species of Typhlodromus Scheuten

Francisco Ferragut


Thirteen species of phytoseiid mites of the subfamilies Typhlodrominae and Phytoseiinae are reported for the first time from Spain. Typhlodromus (Typhlodromus) baeticus sp. nov. is described and four species poorly known morphologically, Paraseiulus soleiger (Ribaga), Typhlodromus (Anthoseius) ilicis Athias-Henriot, Typhlodromus (Anthoseius) recki Wainstein and Typhlodromus (Anthoseius) sapiens Athias-Henriot are re-described based on new materials collected in Spain. Finally, the unknown male of Typhloseiulus eleonorae Ragusa & Swirski is described and additional morphological information is provided for other seven species.


Taxonomy, new species, Phytoseioidea, Spain, peritremes


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