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Next ones to fill the gap—first tanaupodids (Trombidiformes: Prostigmata, Tanaupodidae) from Baltic amber with notes on extant genera and species

Joanna Mąkol, Marta Konikiewicz, Birgit Klug


Propolyssenia gen. nov. with Propolyssenia wohltmanni sp. nov., based on larva, and Eothrombium fortesambiense sp. nov. based on active postlarval form, are described from Baltic amber. The new genus shares some characters with the extant Polydiscia and Lassenia. The new species are among the three fossil amber representatives of Tanaupodidae known to date. The present-day fauna of Tanaupodidae is revisited.


Parasitengona, new genus, new species, larva, active postlarval form, succinite


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