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A brief report on the 15th International Congress of Acarology and McMurtry Award in 2018

Zhi-Qiang Zhang


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acarology, mites, ticks


Beaulieu, F. & Behan-Pelletier, V. (2018) Evert E. Lindquist’s approach to the taxonomic impediment in Acarology: Diversity in specialization through 60 years of systematics research and beyond. Systematic & Applied Acarology, 23(9), 1715–1725.

Walter, D. & Halliday, B. (2018) Professor Emeritus Gerald (Jerry) W. Krantz. Recipient of the James Allen McMurtry Award recognising a living acarologist who has made outstanding contributions to acarine systematics or applied acarology or both. Systematic & Applied Acarology, 23(9), 1809–1816.

Zhang, Z.Q. (2018) Recognizing high impact in acarological research. Systematic & Applied Acarology, 23(9), 1494–1496.


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