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A review of Ixodes (Acari: Ixodidae) parasitizing wild birds in Panama, with the first records of Ixodes auritulus and Ixodes bequaerti

Sergio Eduardo Bermudez, Sugeys Torres, Yusseff Aguirre, Lillian Domínguez, Juan Bernal


In this paper we review the species of Ixodes that parasitize wild birds in Panama based on specimens collected from wild birds in Volcán Barú National Park (from November 2014 to May 2015), examinations of museum specimens, and published data. We report presence of Ixodes auritulus parasitizing Turdus plebejus and Odontophorus guttatus, and Ixodes bequaerti in Trogon sp. in Panama for the first time. Additionally, the presence of Ixodes brunneus in this country is discussed. The present data suggest that I. auritulus is established in the western highlands of Panama; however, more efforts are required to confirm the establishment of I. bequaerti. The present paper increases the number of species of this genus in Panama, and adds new data on host-parasite associations.


New records, Ixodes, wild birds, Panama


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