New records of the genus Allopygmephorus (Acari: Neopygmephoridae) with a list of the species of the family Neopygmephoridae in Iran

Amin Navabi, Hamidreza Hajiqanbar, Abdolazim Mortazavi


A survey was carried out to investigate heterostigmatic mites associated with insects in Borujerd, Lorestan province, western Iran, in 2016. Insects were captured using light traps in the areas. Two species of the family Neopygmephoridae including Allopygmephorus spinisetus Khaustov & Sazhnev, 2016 and A. punctatus Khaustov & Sazhnev, 2016 were identified associated with beetles Drasterius bimaculatus (Rossi, 1790) (Coleoptera: Elateridae) and Augyles sp. (Col.: Heteroceridae). Both species are new records for mite fauna of Iran with the former being also new for Asia. Moreover, the association between mites of Allopygmephorus and elaterid beetles is new. A list of Iranian neopygmephorid mites is also provided.


Allopygmephorus spinisetus; A. punctatus; Drasterius bimaculatus; Heterostigmatina; host record; phoresy.

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