New ascid mite of the genus Antennoseius Berlese (Acari: Mesostigmata) from Iran

Mohammadreza Kavianpour, Alireza Nemati, Mastaneh Mohseni, Arsalan Khalili-Moghadam


Antennoseius (Antennoseius) gwiazdowiczi Kavianpour & Nemati was described based on morphological characters of adult females and published in Iranian Journal of Entomology. This journal was published in electronic form only without permanent archiving and is not available now. Also, the work is not registered in ZooBank. To be considered validly published, according to the ICZN rules a work that has been issued and distributed electronically, must possess several conditions such as registration in ZooBank. Due to the absence of such a condition, this species is not available now. For this reason, the description of this species based on morphological characters of adult females is presented here.


ICZN; Parasitiformes; registration; soil; ZooBank

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