Redescription of paratype female of Prasadiseius achlora (Prasad, 1972) (Acari: Otopheidomenidae)

Vikram Prasad


Prasadiseius achlora (Prasad, 1972) is redescribed based on photomicrographs of a paratype female specimen. Chaetotaxy of the idiosoma and genua and tibia is given, including corrections to the original description. Photomicrographs of the female's insemination system are provided showing that the species of Prasadiseius probably have a "laelapid-type" but do not show the sacculus as it is apparently not chitinized.


Chaetotaxy of genu and tibia; Katydiseiinae; setae r3 and Z5; sperm access system; sphingid mite.

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