Characterization of an Aquaporin Gene ZpPIP2 from Zygophyllum potaninii Maxim. (Zygophyllaceae)

Gun-Aajav Bayarmaa, Enkhbat Munkhbileg, Batlai Oyuntsetseg


Zygophyllum potaninii Maxim. is a medicinal plant, distributed in arid regions of southern Mongolia. Full length of a cDNA clone, which was identified as a stress induced gene by suppression subtractive hybridization was obtained by 5’RACE-PCR, and named ZpPIP2 as deduced amino acid sequence shows high homology to plant aquaporin PIP2. ZpPIP2 is expressed in leaf and stem under normal conditions, and it is accumulated in the root in response to drought stress in Z. potaninii.

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ISSN 1684 (print edition), ISSN 2225-4994 (online edition)