Geographical Range of Vespid Wasps (Hymenoptera, Vespidae) of Northern Mongolia

Batchuluun Buyanjargal, Tsydypzhap Z. Dorzhiev, Roman Yu. Abasheev, Dandarmaa Bataa


The geographic range analysis of 59 species of the family Vespidae (Hymenoptera) of northern Mongolia was performed using published sources and our own data. The longitude-latitudinal approach is supported for the chorological division. Chorological component of vespid fauna of northern Mongolia is mainly composed of Palaearctic polyzonal and sub-boreal species associated especially with sub-boreal semi-humid and sub-boreal semi-arid landscapes. Northern Mongolia together with Trans-Baikal region act as barrier to the latitudinal and longitudinal distribution of vespid wasps, and it can be called, as the Baikal-Mongolian faunal barrier. Four sub-endemic vespid species, Onychopterocheilus turovi (Kostylev, 1937), O. kiritshenkoi (Kostylev, 1940), Ancistrocerus rufopictus (Kostylev, 1940), Eumenes transbaicalicus Kurzenko, 1984 were defined to Mongolia.

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ISSN 1684 (print edition), ISSN 2225-4994 (online edition)