The herpetofauna of the Dindefelo Natural Community Reserve, Senegal

Camila Monasterio


The Dindefelo Natural Community Reserve was declared with the objective of protecting biodiversity in this region. So far it was relatively unexplored regarding its herpetofauna. The location of this reserve, together with its unusual varied topography and well conserved mosaic of vegetation formations, promised this area to harbor a very distinctive herp community. The aim of our preliminary inventory was to report a first list of the herpetofauna found in this unexplored area of south-east Senegal. We found 16 species of reptiles (5 lizards, 9 snakes, one tortoise and one crocodile) and 10 species of amphibians. Two of those records, Dipsadoboa aff. weileri (Colubridae) and Ptychadena retropunctata (Ptychadenidae), are first country records. The Dindefelo Natural Community Reserve seems to be a promising area for further herpetological research.

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