Modeling the potential distribution of Spalerosophis diadema (Schlegel, 1837) (Serpents: Colubridae) in Iran

Morteza Moadab, Jamil Zargan, Eskandar Rastegar-pouyani, Ashkan Hajinourmohammadi


The diadem snake Spalerosophis diadema (Schlegel, 1837) is found in most arid and semi-arid regions of Iran. However,little is known about ecology and lifestyle of this species in the area.  In the present study, we used MaxEnt software to predict suitable habitats and determine the factors influencing its distribution pattern. Four variables have the most importance in the distribution of S. diadema: 1. Average temperature of the coldest quarter of the year (Bio11) 2. Precipitation of the warmest quarter of the year (Bio 18) 3. Precipitation of the wettest month (Bio 13) 4. Slope. Considering  the distribution areas of S. diadema and its closely relates species, S. microlepis , and effective factors on their distribution in Iran, it can be concluded that geographical separation and the type of habitat have the most important roles in their speciation.

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