Very low prevalence of infection by Physaloptera lutzi (Nematoda: Physalopteridae) parasitizing Kentropyx calcarata (Squamata: Teiidae), from fragments of Atlantic Forest in Northeast Brazil with a summary of nematodes infecting congeneric species

Adonias Aphoena Martins Teixeira, Lissa Dellefrate Franzini, Samuel Vieira Brito, Waltécio Oliveira Almeida, Daniel Oliveira Mesquita


We analyzed the patterns of infection by helminthes in populations of the teiid lizard Kentropyx calcarata from two Atlantic Forest fragments in Northeast Brazil. From 303 lizards, only two specimens from a single population were infected by Physaloptera lutzi (P%: 0.66 and II: range 2-38). Our study showed a very low prevalence of infection in K. calcarata from the Atlantic Forest when comparing with congeners lizards from the Amazon Forest infected by helminthes. In addition, our study represents the first record of Physalopetera lutzi for K. calcarata lizards

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