The genus Osteolaemus (Crocodylidae) in Angola and a new southernmost record for the genus

Luis Miguel Pires Ceríaco, Sango dos Anjos Carlos de Sá, Aaron M. Bauer


African Dwarf Crocodiles (genus Osteolaemus) are West and Central Africa endemics with a distribution extending from Senegal to Angola. In Angola the genus is only known to occur north of the lower Congo River in the Cabinda enclave, based on 19th century records. No modern specimens have been documented, despite its anecdotal occurrence in other parts of the country. We provide the first confirmed record of Osteolaemus (probably O. osborni) in “mainland” Angola based on a vagrant individual believed to have come from the Kwanza River system. This constitutes the southernmost record for Osteolaemus in Africa, by approximately 400 km. More information is needed to assess the systematic and conservation status of Dwarf Crocodiles in Angola, but the bushmeat and leather trades are likely sources of threat to Osteolaemus throughout their range.

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