Rediscovery of two threatened species of treefrogs (Anura: Hylidae) from Southern Mexico

Luis Canseco Márquez, José Luis Aguilar López, Ricardo Luría Manzano, Guadalupe Gutiérrez Mayén, David Hernández Benitez


According to the IUCN red list half of Mexican amphibian species are in one of three categories for extinction risk. The hylids Bromeliohyla dendroscarta and Megastomatohyla mixomaculata are listed as threatened, and have been observed infrequently during the last few decades. We report recent observations of both species from the Sierra Negra region, located in southeastern Puebla, Mexico. These findings represent the rediscovery of B. dendroscarta after 43 years of not been observed, and fill a gap in the distribution of this species between Sierra Zongolica, Veracruz, and Sierra Norte, Oaxaca. In the case of M. mixomaculata our records represent the rediscovery of this species 17–19 years after the last report, and extends its distribution 71 km south from the nearest known locality.

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