Herpetofauna of Reserva Biológica Guaribas: a complex of Atlantic Forest and isolated Cerrado patches in Northeastern Brazil

Daniel Oliveira Mesquita, Brygida Alves, Carmem Pedro, Daniel Laranjeiras, Francis Caldas, Isabella Pedrosa, Jefter Rodrigues, Leandro Drummond, Lucas Cavalcanti, Milena Wachlevski, Paulo Nogueira-Costa, Rafaela França, Frederico França


We present a detailed list of lizards, snakes, crocodilians, turtles and amphibians collected in Reserva Biológica Guaribas (REBIO Guaribas) in Paraíba State, Northeastern Brazil. We sampled species using pitfall traps and active searches. We collected 20 species of lizards, 7 amphisbaenas, 43 snakes, 1 turtle, 2 crocodilians, and 34 amphibians. The amphibian and snake rarefaction curves reached the asymptote, indicating a good estimate of richness. However, the lizard curve continued increasing, probably due the presence of the two singletons in the sample. The herpetofauna from Reserva Ecológica Guaribas comprised typical species from both forested biomes and open areas. The open areas from REBIO Guaribas occur within an Atlantic Forest matrix and are locally known as “Tabuleiros”, which present typical elements of Cerrado savannas. These particularities justify the importance of this protected area in species composition and maintenance of regional herpetofauna.

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