Characterization of 11 cross-amplifying microsatellites in Bitis arietans (Merrem 1820)

Stephen Edward Rice, Eliana Moustakas, Roman Nava, Xavier Glaudas, Graham J Alexander, Rulon W Clark


Bitis arietans is a widespread and abundant African viper for which minimal genetic resources exist. We screened 88 microsatellite loci published for species within the clades Crotalinae and Viperinae. We identified 11 microsatellite loci which cross-amplified in B. arietans and were polymorphic. We characterized the number of alleles, observed and expected heterozygosities, and probability of identity for each locus by genotyping 87 adults selected haphazardly from a larger sample dataset. These loci provide a resource for researchers within the genus Bitis and are being utilized in a larger study designed to determine paternity of B. arietans litters.

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