Trophic ecology of Scinax rostratus (Peters, 1863) and Scinax ruber (Laurenti, 1768) (Anura: Hylidae) in tropical dry forest of northern Colombia

Argelina Blanco-Torres, Marta Duré, María Argenis Bonilla


We describe the diet of two syntopic Scinax species: S. rostratus and S. Ruber from northern lowlands of Colombia. These frogs do not exhibit a marked preference for the consumption of a particular type of prey. However, in their diets, orthopterans were a well-represented item. Only S. ruber showed a positive and significant relationship between the size of the jaw and the average volume of consumed prey. The diet of both species overlap with types of prey like: orthopterans, hemipterans and acari. Considering the trophic characteristics of both species we can classify as generalist predators that use the sit-and-wait strategy to capture their prey.

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