Release call of Scinax eurydice (Bokermann, 1968) (Anura, Hylidae) and advertisement call of northeastern populations

Sarah Mângia, Priscila Santos Carvalho, Elvis Pereira Almeida, Lucas Cavalcanti, Cássio Rachid Simões, Diego José Santana


Vocalization is the most common trait of communication among anurans. Within the call repertoire only males produce the advertisement and release calls, and both are useful for taxonomic approaches. Scinax eurydice is a hylid treefrog, endemic from Atlantic Forest. Its advertisement call was described from a population in its southeastern most distribution, State of Espírito Santo, Brazil. However, release calls within the genus Scinax are unknown. Herein we describe the release call of S. eurydice and compared the advertisement call between northeastern and southeastern populations of the species. The advertisement call from northeastern populations is composed of two distinct multipulsed notes and is notably different from southeastern population calls, which presents three notes. Studies like this provides valuable information for taxonomy, and help to understand patterns and functions of these behaviours in anuran assemblages, plus it contributes to systematics.

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