Anurans of Parque Estadual da Serra Furada, Santa Catarina, Southern Brazil. 

Karoline Ceron, Elaine Maria Lucas, Jairo José Zocche


We provide a list of amphibians from Parque Estadual da Serra Furada, located in Orleans and Grão-Pará counties, in Santa Catarina state, southern Brazil. Monthly sampling was carried out from August 2014 to July 2015, using visual and acoustic surveys. Twenty-seven species of anurans belonging to nine families were recorded on six distinct sites between forest trails, swamps, and streams, with 13 reproductive modes reported.Including all sites, 13 species were abundant, and 5 of them were considered rare. The greatest richness was recorded in the swamp, while forest trail and stream areas showed the greatest taxonomic distinctness. The high number of reproductive modes is a result of structural characteristics of the sampled areas, providing different microenvironments for anuran reproduction, a characteristic of the Atlantic Forest biome, emphasizing the importance of these environments in amphibian conservation.

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