Testicular cycle of Amphisbaena mertensii Strauch, 1881 (Squamata: Amphisbaenidae) in northeastern Argentina 

David Aguirre, Martín Ortiz, Alejandra Hernando


We studied the testicular cycle of Amphisbaena mertensii (Strauch, 1881) from northeastern Argentina. We analyzed the morphology and histology of testes and epididymis of 3 juvenile males and 13 adult males preserved in the herpetological collection of the Universidad Nacional del Nordeste. Spermatogenesis began in mid-autumn and peaked in spring, when the seminiferous tubules and epididymes showed abundant spermatozoa in the lumen, and the epididymal epithelium showed signs of secretory activity of mucopolysaccharides (positive PAS reaction). Testicular regression occurs from mid-summer to mid-autumn. Our results indicate that A. mertensii display a seasonal testicular cycle beginning in autumn and finishing in spring. 

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