Rare colour aberrations and anomalies of amphibians and reptiles recorded in Poland

Krzysztof Kolenda, Bartłomiej Najbar, Anna Najbar, Paweł Kaczmarek, Mikołaj Kaczmarski, Tomasz Skawiński


We describe several cases of rare colour forms or anomalies among herpetofauna from Poland. In amphibians, we observed erythrism in Pelobates fuscus, potentially fixed brown colour in Hyla arborea, yellow dorsal spots in Bombina variegata and P. fuscus, Bufo bufo with irises depigmentation and possible partial axanthism, Rana temporaria with black left eye and two juvenile individuals of B. bufo and Bufotes viridis with dark spots. In reptiles, we noted melanism in Zootoca vivipara and Natrix natrix and one hypomelanistic individual of Zamenis longissimus.

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