Rediscovery of Acanthodactylus spinicauda Doumergue, 1901 in Algeria

Boualem Dellaoui, Menad Beddek, Olivier Peyre, Philippe Geniez, Benjamin Allegrini, Fatiha Koudache, Pierre-André Crochet


We report on the first modern records of Acanthodactylus spinicauda Doumergue 1901, a species until now only kown from museum specimens collected before 1899. The only known localities are in north-western Algeria in the arid zone at the transition between the northern Sahara and the southern High Plateaus. We rediscovered the species 50 km away from the type locality. We provide an exhaustive list of the localities that we have visited at and around the type locality and briefly describe the coloration and habitat of the species.


Algeria; conservation; reptiles; Lacertidae; biodiversity

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