A likely new natural hybrid form of “Cuora serrata” (Cuora picturata x Cuora mouhotii obsti) and its finding in the wild in Phu Yen province, Vietnam

Richard Struijk


"Cuora serrata" is a collective noun for hybrids between members of the galbinifrons-complex and C. mouhotii sensu lato. However, hybrids with C. picturata lineage have not been described yet. We present the first cases of such hybrids. Also, a first locality for such hybrids is described in Phu Yen province, Vietnam.


"Cuora serrata"; Cuora mouhotii; Cuora picturata; hybridisation; Vietnam

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Dear colleagues:
I have read the attached manuscript by Struijk and Blanck and have provided them with minor editorial comments. I concur with their conclusions. This very important manuscript provides further data supporting the growing evidence that the hybridization between members of the Cuora galbinifrons species group and Cuora (Pyxidea) mouhotii is a natural phenomenon and NOT simply an artifact of captive "turtle farming". This has important implications for our understanding of the evolution of this endangered group of turtles, but also suggests that we need to consider conservation measures for natural hybrid populations of these turtles. I wish that genetic data were available to supplement these observation, and I hope that they might be forthcoming. I recommend publication of this paper. John Iverson


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