Checklist of Reptiles from an Area of Cerrado-Caatinga Ecotone, East Maranhão, Brazil

Marcélia Basto da Silva, Wáldima Alves da Rocha, Janete Diane Nogueira-Paranhos


In this paper, we present a list of the reptile species present on the Fazenda Varjota, in the Brazilian state of Maranhão. The area is located in a transition region between the Amazon, Cerrado and Caatinga biomes. We used four complementary sampling methods (active surveys, pitfall traps, occasional encounters, and manzuá) and recorded 30 reptile species, of which, 14 were snakes, 12 lizards, two turtles, one amphisbaenian, and one crocodilian.


Ecotone, Cerrado, Lizards, Maranhão, Snakes.

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