Aphodiinae (Insecta: Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae)

Z Teresa Stebnicka


The Aphodiinae of New Zealand are comprehensively revised for the first time and their relationships are discussed. Twenty species in 4 tribes and 9 genera are recognised. Two new species are described (Saprosites kingsensis, Saprosites watti), and 2 new synonymies are proposed (Ataenius macilentus Blackburn, 1904 = A. brouni (Sharp, 1876); Saprosites candens (Broun, 1880) = S. distans (Sharp, 1876)). Eleven of the 20 species are introduced, 6 of them originating in Australia, 2 in America, and 1 in Africa; the other 2 are cosmopolitan anthropogenic species of European origin. Members of the genus Saprosites Redtenbacher are endemic to New Zealand, except for 1 Australian species. The species of Phycocus and Tesarius are indigenous to both New Zealand and Tasmania. The morphology and diagnostic characters of aphodiines are reviewed and illustrated in detail. A key is given for the tribes, genera, and species known from New Zealand. The biological associations, known seasonality, and geographic distribution of the species are summarised, with maps indicating locality records. The distributions of the indigenous species and their systematic affinities suggest a Gondwanan origin.

Checklist of taxa

Tribe Aphodiini
Genus Aphodius Illiger, 1798
  granarius (Linnaeus, 1767)
    adelaide Hope, 1846
  lividus (Olivier, 1789)
    cincticulus Hope, 1847
    spilopterus Germar, 1848
    pseudolividus Balthasar, 1941
    lividus pseudolividus Endrōdi & Rakovic, 1981
Genus Acrossidius Schmidt, 1913
  tasmaniae (Hope, 1847)
    howitti (Hope, 1847)
    longitarsus (Redtenbacher, 1867)
    andersoni (Blackburn, 1904)
    pallidihirtus (Balthasar, 1941)

Tribe Psammodiini
Genus Phycocus Broun, 1886
  graniceps Broun, 1886
    lobatus Broun, 1893
Genus Tesarius Rakovic, 1981
  sulcipennis (Lea, 1904)

Tribe Proctophanini
Genus Proctophanes Harold, 1861
  sculptus (Hope, 1846)
  minor (Blackburn, 1897) [interception record]
Genus Australaphodius Balthasar, 1942
  frenchi (Blackburn, 1892)
    melbournicus (Balthasar, 1942)

Tribe Eupariini
Genus Parataenius Balthasar, 1961
  simulator (Harold, 1868)
    schwarzi (Linell, 1896)
    granuliceps Petrovitz, 1971
Genus Ataenius Harold, 1867
  brouni (Sharp, 1876)
    macilentus Blackburn, 1904 new synonymy
  picinus Harold, 1867
    duplopunctatus Lea, 1923
    boucomonti Paulian, 1937
    rugosus (Richards, 1959)
Genus Saprosites Redtenbacher, 1858
  mendax (Blackburn, 1892)
    punctatus Richards, 1959
  exsculptus (White, 1846)
    pascoei (Sharp, 1876)
    suspectus (Sharp, 1876)
  distans (Sharp, 1876)
    candens (Broun, 1880) new synonymy
  raoulensis (Broun, 1910)
  communis (Broun, 1880)
  kingsensis sp. nov.
  fortipes (Broun, 1881)
  watti sp. nov.
  sulcatissimus (Broun, 1911)


Coleoptera; Scarabaeidae; Aphodiinae; Taxonomy; phylogeny; keys; new species; biology


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