Sphecidae (Insecta: Hymenoptera)

Anthony C Harris


Eighteen species of Sphecidae in the genera Podalonia Fernald, Spilomena Shuckard, Tachysphex Kohl, Pison Jurine, Rhopalum Stephens, Podagritus Spinola, and Argogorytes Ashmead are recognised from New Zealand. Three new species are described: Spilomena earlyi, Podagritus digyalos, and Podagritus chambersi. Nests and adults of five species of Sceliphron Klug are repeatedly encountered in New Zealand but are not established. Descriptions of larvae are given for some species, revealing distinctive characters in the genera Argogorytes and Spilomena. Keys are provided for all established species, and details (mostly new) are provided on life history and nesting behaviour for all species. The Crabroninae include species that prey on Lepidoptera, Psocoptera, Hemiptera, Trichoptera, Plecoptera, Ephemeroptera, and Coleoptera (exclusively, one species) in addition to Diptera, their most frequently recorded prey. Extensive prey records are given.


Tribe Ammophilini

Genus Podalonia Fernald, 1927
        tydei (Le Guillou, 1841)
            ssp. suspiciosa (Smith, 1856)

Tribe Sceliphrini

Genus Sceliphron Klug, 1801 (* = species frequently intercepted, sometimes encountered as temporary colonists, but not established)
    Subgenus Sceliphron Klug, 1801
        assimile (Dahlbom, 1843)*
        caementarium (Drury, 1770)*
        laetum (Smith, 1856)*
        spirifex (Linnaeus, 1758)*
    Subgenus Prosceliphron Van der Vecht, 1968
        formosum (Smith, 1856)*

Tribe Pemphredonini, subtribe Stigmina

Genus Spilomena Shuckard, 1838
        earlyi new species
        elegantula Turner, 1916
        emarginata Vardy, 1987
        nozela Vardy, 1987

Subfamily LARRINAE
Tribe Larrini, subtribe Tachytina

Genus Tachysphex Kohl, 1883
        nigerrimus (Smith, 1856)
            sericops Smith, 1856
            depressus Saussure, 1867
            nigerrimus 'White', Butler, 1874
            helmsi Cameron, 1888

Tribe Trypoxylonini

Genus Pison Jurine, 1808
        morosum Smith, 1856
            tuberculatum Smith, 1856 new synonymy
        spinolae Shuckard, 1838
            australis Saussure, 1853
            tasmanicus Smith, 1856
            dubia Kirby, 1883
            pruinosus Cameron, 1898

Tribe Crabronini

Genus Podagritus Spinola, 1851
    Subgenus Parechuca Leclercq, 1970 digyalos species-group
        albipes (Smith, 1878)
        carbonicolor (Dalla Torre, 1897) n.comb.
            carbonarius Smith, 1856
            swalei Leclercq, 1955 new synonymy
        chambersi new species
        cora (Cameron, 1888)
            jocosum Cameron, 1898
        digyalos new species
        parrotti Leclercq, 1955

Genus Rhopalum Stephens, 1829
    Subgenus Aporhopalum Leclercq, 1955
        perforator Smith, 1876
    Subgenus Zelorhopalum Leclercq, 1955
        aucklandi Leclercq, 1955
        zelandum Leclercq, 1955

Subfamily Nyssoninae
Tribe Gorytini

Genus Argogorytes Ashmead, 1899
        carbonarius (Smith, 1856)
            trichiosoma Cameron, 1888


Taxonomy; morphology; biology; keys; phylogeny; nesting behaviour; larvae; Hymenoptera; Sphecidae; Crabronidae


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