The geographic range of Uma scoparia Cope, 1894 (Squamata: Phrynosomatidae) in Arizona

Daniel J. Leavitt, Woodrow L. Crumbo, Jason M. Myrand, Elroy H. Masters


Surveys dedicated to better describing the distribution of Uma scoparia in Arizona are reported. These extend this species’ distribution in La Paz County, Arizona, 20 km further to the south than previously described. Six records on the outside of a confused range are presented alongside data from 170 captures within this range. This species is well known from California but its Arizona distribution is little understood and less well studied than other members of its genus. Concern about the conservation status of the disjunct Arizona population makes this report valuable to resource managers. Lizards were observed with ease and in large numbers at nearly all sites surveyed.


fringe-toed lizards; distribution; sand dunes; new records

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