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Cyrtodactylus thirakhupti (Squamata: Gekkonidae), a new cave-dwelling gecko from southern Thailand



A new cave-dwelling species of Cyrtodactylus is described from Khao Sonk in Surat Thani Province, southern peninsular Thailand. The new species is characterized by its slender body (snoutvent length to at least 80 mm) with a banded pattern, elongate tail and digits, low number (14) of rows of dorsal tubercles, absence of precloacal groove, and enlarged series of precloacal and femoral scales, all lacking pores. It is the third species of cave-dwelling Cyrtodactylus recorded from Thailand.


Reptiles, Thailand, Surat Thani, Reptilia, Gekkonidae, Cyrtodactylus thirakhupti, new species, taxonomy, cave-dwelling

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