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First known male of Enicoscolus (Diptera: Bibionidae), with a redescription of E. brachycephalus



A male of Enicoscolus is described for the first time. Enicoscolus brachycephalus is redescribed based on two males and one female of E. brachycephalus from Mexico, found in the collection of the American Museum of Natural History, New York. The general pattern of the male terminalia is similar to other Bibionini. Sternite 9 is largely fused to the gonocoxites, which slightly projects distally to the hypandrial plate. The gonostyles are simple, rounded at the apex, differing from the usual Bibiodes bifid pattern or the curved gonostyle found in most Bibio species. A pair of aedeagal plates the tegmen and the genital rod follow the general pattern of Bibionomorpha species. The position of Enicoscolus is as the sister group of Bibionellus.


Diptera, Bibionidae, Enicoscolus, Neotropical Region, Phylogeny

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