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Prionotropis ancosae, a new species of Thrinchinae (Orthoptera: Pamphagidae) from the northeast of the Iberian Peninsula



A new species of the genus Prionotropis Fieber, 1853 is described from Catalonia (Northeast of the Iberian Peninsula). Prionotropis ancosae n. sp. was collected in a calcicolous stepic scrub dominated mainly by thyme (Thymus vulgaris). P. ancosae n. sp. is characterized by the following characters: the pronotum in dorsal view narrow and in lateral view with the principal transverse sulcus between prozona and metazona clearly incised; mesosternal lobes equal width than long and width than mesosternal interspace; tegmina extend at most to the end of second abdominal segment in the females and the end of abdomen in the males; inside hind femora at the base to the middle part and inside hind tibiae blue; and phallic complex with the penis valves long. This new species is compared to the similar species P. flexuosa (Serville, 1838). In Catalonia two species of genera Prionotropis Fieber, 1853 are present, P. flexuosa and P. ancosae n. sp.



Orthoptera, Mediterranean area, isolation, stepic ecosystems, Catalonia

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