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Review of the brachypterous, micropterous, and apterous Braconidae of the cyclostome lineage (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonoidea) from the Palearctic Region



The Palearctic species of Braconidae with brachypterous, micropterous, or apterous modification are discussed. Thefollowing new species are described: Chremylus planispinus Belokobylskij (France, Algeria), Chremylus algecirasusBelokobylskij (Spain), Pambolus erogolus Belokobylskij (Mongolia), Pambolus ovchinnikovi Belokobylskij (Kyr-gyzstan), Hormius stauropolicus Belokobylskij (Russia (North Caucasus)), Bracon (Habrobracon) barbieriBelokobylskij (Algeria), and Panerema kamtshatica Belokobylskij (Russia (Kamchatka)). The following species are re-described: Heterospilus hemipterus (Thomson) (male and female), Chremylus pomonellae (Atanasov) (male, female andmacropterous form), Hormius minialatus Tobias (female), and Aleiodes (Chelonorhogas) hemipterus Marshall (male andfemale). Lituania brachyptera Jakimavicius, 1968 is a new synonym of Eurybolus hemipterus Thomson, 1892. Chremyluspomonellae (Atanasov), new combination, is transferred from Rhyssalus. Aleiodes hemipterus is placed in the subgenusChelonorhogas Enderlein. Asobara subalata (Zaykov & Fischer) is returned from Phaenocarpa Foerster. New distribu-tion records are reported for Ecphylus (Sactopus) caudatus Ruschka, H. hemipterus, Rhaconotus hispanicus Belokobyl-skij, Pambolus tricolor (Ruthe), Hormius minialatus Tobias, A. (C.) hemipterus, and Pseudopezomachus kasparyaniTobias. A key for identifying all Palearctic flightless cyclostome braconid species, and the genera in which they are placed,is provided. A discussion about the diversity, morphological characters, and natural history of wing size reduction, and possible reasons for flightlessness, is provided.


Hymenoptera, descriptions, distribution, identification, key, new species, new records, parasitoid, taxonomy

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