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Species delimitation of Lachlania Hagen (Ephemeroptera: Oligoneuriidae) with description of two new species from Brazil



Based on DNA barcodes (cytochrome oxidase subunit I sequences) of Lachlania specimens from Atlantic Forest and Cerrado of Brazil, eight lineages were delimited through DNA barcoding and imagoes and immature stages were associated. Among these lineages, two new species are described, Lachlania alcidesi sp. nov. and Lachlania aldinae sp. nov., from State of Espírito Santo. The former species based on nymph, male, and female imagoes, and the latter based on nymph and female imagoes. The main characteristics used to distinguish female imagoes of the new species from those of known species of the genus are: 1) body length; 2) head coloration; 3) number of cross veins on forewing; 4) coloration of caudal filaments; 5) relation between length from point of origin of IMP to margin and total length of MA2- MP1 of forewing.


COI, DNA barcoding, mayfly, Neotropical Region, taxonomy

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