Bivalve molluscs of the subfamily Sphaeriinae in the Kama region waterbodies (the Middle Urals, Russia)

Nadezda B. Ovchankova


An annotated and illustrated check-list of species of the subfamily Sphaeriinae (family Sphaeriidae) of the Kama region (the Middle Urals, Russia), with enumeration of species’ localities, is presented. After examination of own collections and critical assessment of published data, 8 species from two genera (Musculium and Sphaerium) have been included into the final list. One of these species, Sphaerium asiaticum, is recorded for the first time from the studied area. The ecological characteristics of all species as well as remarks on their distribution within the region are provided. From the zoogeographical point of view most sphaeriine species of the studied area belong to the European-Siberian faunistic group.


malacofauna; biogeography; ecology; the Volga-Ural province


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