New findings of the Plicifusus species in the Russian Arctic (Neogastropoda: Buccinidae)

Alisa R. Kosyan, Ivan O. Nekhaev


Three species, attributed to buccinid genus Plicifusus, had been previously known from the Arctic: Plicifusus kroeyeri (Møller, 1842), P. johanseni Dall, 1919, and P. rodgersi (Gould, 1860). Study of museum collections and recently obtained material from the Laptev and East Siberian seas resulted in discovery of Plicifusus maehirai Tiba, 1980, previously known from the Northern Pacific, and Plicifusus sp., which probably belongs to an undescribed species. P. johanseni has been found in the Russian waters for the first time. Lectotype of P. johanseni has been designated.


Gastropoda, Arctic; Laptev Sea; East-Siberian Sea; distribution


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