Addition to the studies of land molluscs of Armenia

Nina V. Gural-Sverlova, A. L. Amiryan, Roman I. Gural


In 2015-2016 land molluscs from 43 localities in Ararat Region, Vayots Dzor Region and Kotayk Region as well as in Yerevan were investigated. The introduced species Monacha fruticola and Oxychilus cf. filicum were first discovered on the territory of Armenia. One new locality of the rare species Orculella ruderalis, listed in the Red Book of Armenia, was found. Some pecularities of the intraspecific variability of the shells of O. ruderalis and Pseudochondrula tetrodon were described.


land snails; Yerevan; Kotayk Region; Ararat Region; Vayots Dzor Region


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