New anatomical data and taxonomical notes on Metafruticicolinae (Pulmonata, Hygromiidae)

Anatoly A. Schileyko, Zoltan Fehér


Based on the study of the reproductive tract of Metafruticicola occidentalis  Subai, 1999, it is shown that the species belongs to a new subgenus (Elbasania subgen. nov.). For comparison, the anatomy of seven species of the genus Metafruticicola (including type species) has been studied. It is shown that the species of this genus are clearly distinguished from one another by the structure of the copulative apparatus (mainly of penial papilla). Comparison of the genus Metafruticicola with the representatives of other genera of Hygromiidae that have no accessory organs on the vagina is conducted. We suggest that the genus Cyrnotheba Germain, 1929 may belong to the subfamily  Metafruticicolinae while the genus Caucasocressa does not belong to this subfamily and might be included in the subfamily Monachainae. Problems of taxonomic structure of the genus Metafruticicola are briefly discussed.


reproductive system; penial papilla; Elbasania subgen. nov.; Cyrnotheba


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