A new genus of the Bradybaenidae family (Gastropoda, Pulmonata) from Central Asia

Anatoly A. Schilkeyko, A. Pazilov, Sh. Abdulazizova


On the Kugitangtau Ridge (western part of Pamiro-Alai mountain system) 16 specimens of a new species of molluscs referring to the nominative subfamily of the Bradybaenidae family have been found. The new taxon differs from all other species of this subfamily by total absence of all additional organs of female section of the reproductive tract (stylophore, additional sac, mucus glands, supraatrial bladder), beanshaped short penis, and thick-walled penis sheath that
attached at both proximal and distal ends. On the base of these characters the illustrated description of a new monotypic taxon Kugitangia hatagica Schileyko, Pazilov et Abdulazizova, gen. et sp. nov. is presented. Conchologically the new species does not differ reliably from Fruticicola fedtschenkoi and differs from
Fruticicola perlucens mainly by the presence of fine granulation on the embryonic whorls.

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