New South American Ernbioptera

Claudia A. Szumik


Ten new species of South American Embioptera are described. Anisembia pificial sp. nov. (Bolivia), Chelicerca fangosa sp. nov. (Argentina), Chelicerca ittakua sp. nov. (Bolivia), Chelicerca yogsothoth sp. nov. (Venezuela) and Chelicerca yuca sp. nov. (Venezuela) for the family Anisembiidae; Diradius nougues sp. nov. (Argentina),
Oligembia capote sp. nov. (Colornbia), Oligembia limon sp. nov. (Venezuela) and Oligembia arbol sp. nov. (Argentina and Bolivia) for Teratembiidae:  Chromatoclothoda neblina sp. nov. (Venezuela) for Clothodidae. Biological
information is provided for the argentinian species.


Embioptera; Neotropical Region; Systematics


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