Resurgence of the bed bug Cimex lectularius Linnaeus in Argentina

Claudia V. VASSENA


The bed bug, Cimex lectularius Linnaeus, is a hemimetabolous insect of the family Cimicidae, Order Hemiptera and is a hematophagous ectoparasite of birds and mammals. Two species of this family are predominant: C. lectularius and C. hemipterus Fabricius. Bed bugs have long plagued humans in their living environment. Historically, bed bugs were noted throughout the ages. Before World War II infestations by bed bugs were very common, but after the war the prevalence of infection declined to a point where they were rare, and particularly since the 50s, when cases of infection decreased significantly due to the use of synthetic insecticides, especially dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (DDT). However, recently, the situation seems to have changed and experts in the field talk about a “resurgence” of the plague worldwide. Scientific researches and even newspapers’ disclosures about bed bugs do nothing more than show that we are in the presence of a major health problem and that our country is no stranger to it. The following study was conducted in order to determine whether bed bugs are resurging in Argentina. The discovery of this urban pest in different cities of Argentina can now be confidently confirmed.


Urban pest. Infestation. Cimicidae. Argentina.


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