Evaluation of three wheat types for the rearing of Sitotroga cerealella Olivier (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae) commonly used on natural enemies rearing

Lucía M. MÉNDEZ, Eduardo N. BOTTO, Dora FLORES, Cynthia L. CAGNOTTI, Silvia N. LÓPEZ, Mariana M. VISCARRET


The development of standard protocols for artificial rearing is essential for a suitable production of insects. The eggs of the wheat moth Sitotroga cerealella Olivier are used to rear the oophagous parasitoids of the genus Trichogramma. In the present work we evaluated the effect of three wheat types (pan, candeal, Klein Tauro) on biological parameters of the moth adults and the parasitoid Trichogramma nerudai (Pintureau & Gerding). Also, the content of proteins, the carbohydrates and the moisture of each wheat type were analyzed. There were significant differences in the emergence, fertility, development time and sexual ratio of moths among wheat classes. No significant differences were found in the emergence, fertility and sex ratio of the parasitoid developed on eggs of moths coming from different classes of wheat. The analysis of amino acids and lipids, the biology of the moth and certain tendency observed in the fecundity of the parasitoid suggest that the most suitable wheat types for rearing these two insects are pan and candeal.


Cereal moth. Trichogramma nerudai. Insect rearing. Biological control.


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