Aquatic Coleoptera from El Cristal Natural Reserve (Santa Fe Province, Argentina)

Gabriel A. MACCHIA, María L. LIBONATTI, Mariano C. MICHAT, Patricia L. M. TORRES


A list of the aquatic Coleoptera collected in El Cristal Natural Reserve is presented. Seventy-seven species included in 35 genera and six families were recorded. Ten genera are first cited from Santa Fe Province: Copelatus Erichson, Anodocheilus Babington, Bidessodes Régimbart, Bidessonotus Régimbart, Pachydrus Sharp, Laccomimus Toledo & Michat (Dytiscidae), Mesonoterus Sharp (Noteridae), Pelonomus Erichson (Dryopidae), Chaetarthria Stephens and Paracymus Thomson (Hydrophilidae). In addition, 17 species are recorded for the first time from Santa Fe Province: Thermonectus succinctus (Aubé), Anodocheilus maculatus Babington, Bidessonotus obtusatus Régimbart, Pachydrus globosus (Aubé), P. obesus Sharp (Dytiscidae), Hydrocanthus paraguayensis Zimmermann, Mesonoterus laevicollis Sharp, Suphis freudei Mouchamps, Suphisellus curtus (Sharp), S. grammicus (Sharp), S. nigrinus (Aubé), S. remator (Sharp) (Noteridae), Chaetarthria bruchi Balfour-Browne, Enochrus sublongus (Fall), Berosus paraguayanus Knisch, Derallus altus (Leconte) and Phaenonotum regimbarti Bruch (Hydrophilidae).


Aquatic Coleoptera. Inventory. Humid Chaco. Biodiversity. Neotropical Region.

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