Thermophilic pupal endoparasitoids : Brachymeria minuta  (Hymenoptera: Chalicididae) on  forensic indicator Sarcophaga (Parasarcophaga) albiceps

Abesh Chakraborty, Dhriti Banerjee, Shyamasree Ghosh, Waliza Ansar



The blow flies and the flesh flies are the most widely used model organisms utilized in the immature insect development model. Since, their immature stages are used to estimate the post mortem interval (PMI). Therefore, this study investigates the effect of parasitoid attack on pupal development of the flesh Sarcophaga (Parasarcophaga) albiceps. Host specifity = 65.62 % and avg.yearly parasitoidism = 50.93 %.The result might be utilized by forensic entomologist to properly decipher PMI estimates from reference data, form the thermophilic variety of forensic indicators prevalant in India


Forensic Dipterology, Parasitoides, Thermophilic, Pupal endoparasitoid, Sarcophaga (Parasarcophaga) albiceps, pupal parasitoid,India

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ISSN: 2320-4311
Published by ENVIS Centre on Faunal Diversity
Zoological Survey of India, Kolkata, India