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Oberonia meegaskumburae (Orchidaceae: Epidendroideae: Malaxideae), a new species from Sri Lanka



Oberonia meegaskumburae is described and illustrated from Adam’s Peak (Samanala) Nature Reserve, Sri Lanka and differentiated from its close ally, O. weragamaensis on the basis of larger flowers (3 mm long) in former against smaller (2 mm) in latter; longer floral bracts (1.9 mm) in former against shorter (1 mm) in latter; equal size (> 0.2 mm) of lobules of mid-lobe in former against shorter mid-lobule (< 0.1 mm) in latter; slender, terete and club-shaped tip of lateral lobe curved to face each other in former against sub-triangular, parallel and inflated in latter. Key to all species of genus Oberonia found in Sri Lanka is provided.


Adam’s Peak, Samanala Nature Reserve, section Scylla, Oberonia weragamaensis, orchid, Monocot

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