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A new species of Chlorophytum (Asparagaceae) from Madhya Pradesh, India



The genus Chlorophytum Ker Gawler (1808: 1071) is one of the major genera of family Asparagaceae, with about 190 species (Govaerts et al. 2015). It is distributed in the old world tropics, especially in Africa, Asia and Australia (Poulsen & Nordal 2005, Mabberley 2005). According to Malpure & Yadav (2009) the genus is represented by 17 species in India, of which 15 is occur in the Western Ghats. Recently, four more species of Chlorophytum have been described from Western Ghats of India: Chlorophytum belgaumense Chandore et al. (2012: 527), C. sharmae Adsul et al. (2014: 9503), C. palghatense K.M.P. Kumar & Adsul in Kumar et al. (2014: 282) and C. clivorum Mathew & George (2015: 379).


Chlorophytum, new species, Madhya Pradesh state, India, taxonomy, Monocots

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