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A revised area taxonomy of phytogeographical regions within the Australian Bioregionalisation Atlas



The phytogeographical regions and sub-regions of Australia are revised in light of new data from a recent analysis by González-Orozco, Ebach et al. (2014). The new revision includes two new regions, Northern regio nova and Northern Desert regio nova, and five new sub-regions, Nullarbor sub-regio nova, Central Desert sub-regio nova, Great Sandy Desert Interzone sub-regio nova, Central Queensland sub-regio nova and, Southwestern sub-regio nova. This new revised version of the phytogeographical regions and sub-regions of Australia’s land plants provides an updated classification based on historical nomenclature. The analysis by González-Orozco, Ebach et al. (2014) is a biogeographically centered classification that generated the first exclusively taxonomic regionalisation of Australia’s land plants, used here to update the ABA phytogeographical regions.


area nomenclature, Central Desert, Central Queensland, Great Sandy Desert Interzone Northern, Northern Desert, Nullarbor, Southwestern, Australia, General

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