Four new scorpion species (Scorpiones: Buthidae) from Amazonian Peru.

František Kovařík, Rolando Teruel, Graeme Lowe, Stefan Friedrich


We describe four new species of buthid scorpions from a single Amazonian locality in Peru, situated at the pre-Andean piedmont: Ananteris ashaninka sp. n., Tityus dillerorum sp. n. (a member of the “melanostictus” species-group), Tityus panguana sp. n. (a member of the “bolivianus” species-group), and Tityus wachteli sp. n. (a member of the “clathratus” species-group). Additional information is given on their taxonomy, distribution, ecology, and reproductive biology, fully complemented with color photos of live and preserved specimens, as well as their habitat.

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