Revisión del grupo de especies "heteronycha" de Phyllophaga (s. str.) (COLEOPTERA: MELOLONTHIDAE: MELOLONTHINAE)

Miguel Angel Morón


The group is formed with ten Mexican species: Phyllophaga heteronycha (Bates, 1888) from Distrito Federal, Hidalgo, Oaxaca and Veracruz; P. tridens (Bates, 1888) from Oaxaca; P. sinuaticeps (Moser, 1921) from Distrito Federal, state of México and Puebla; P. haagi Saylor, 1943 from Michoacán; P. tridilonycha Saylor, 1943 from Oaxaca; P. martiana Saylor, 1943 from Hidalgo, state of México and Puebla; P. hoegella Saylor, 1943 from Puebla; P. moserella n. sp. from state of Mexico and Michoacán; P. cececpana n. sp. from Jalisco, and P. tlamana n. sp. from Guerrero. Phyllophaga freeborni Saylor, 1937 is placed in synonymy with P. sinuaticeps. Diagnosis of the group, redescriptions of seven species, description of three new species, with illustrations of diagnostic structures, and a key to separate all species are provided.


May beetles; taxonomy; new species; new records; Central Mexico


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